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Although Gillian might be riding the trail alone, she knows she can't do this without support.  Just as she hopes to contribute to the success of others who are hoping to experience the PCT on horseback by gathering information for a guidebook and sharing what she has learned, she also relies on the help and expertise of others.  Ideally, we would love to be able to create a documentary of her adventures, but we need others more knowledgeable in this field to help to make that happen.  We are also eager to acknowledge feed or equipment sponsors and gratefully accept any assistance towards gaining company sponsorship.  Even just passing on the link to this website helps to get the word out and might lead to a contact that makes a significant impact.  You'll find some suggestions below, but your creative and constructive advice is gladly welcome.  If you have an idea, we'd like to hear it!     



You can also call 310-455-2806

You can support Gillian's trip in many ways: