Gratitude: Thank you, Trail Angels! 

Taking care of two horses while trying to cover many miles each day is no easy task, and I never could have made it in 2014 nor can I succeed this time without the generous assistance of so many people along the way.  I want to acknowledge their many contributions and thank them for making the journey a success.


The following people have graciously contributed money by sponsoring a trail section:


  • Donna Accardo

  • Nancy and Neville Agnew

  • Darryl Barbieri

  • Rosemary and Michael Conway

  • Robert Donaldson

  • Nava Dordick

  • Simon and Alison Gilbert

  • Colleen Gonyerman

  • Scott Gurley

  • Debbie Hansen-Bernard

  • Carol and Cliff Harding

  • Judy and Mel Hein

  • Gretchen Humbert

  • Karen Johnson and family

  • Wendy Krebs

  • Gene and Nan Larson

  • Rani and Bob Merz

  • Robert Mosier

  • Laura and John Peters

Vets and Farriers

As anyone who has one can tell you, horses require a lot of specialized care to keep them healthy and sound.  I am especially grateful to the following individuals for their invaluable assistance on my first trip, and I'm already depending on their expertise on my this ride as well.


  • Joe Vaca, farrier

  • Beth Stolzy, DVM

  • Roger Hitt, farrier

  • Ricky Price, farrier

  • Danny Sullivan, farrier

  • Trevor Hall, farrier

  • Shawn Stephey, farrier

  • Rock Ernhart, farrier

  • Panorama Veterinary Clinic, Redding CA

  • Bend Equine Medical Center and Dr. Wendy Krebs, DVM

  • Above and Beyond Animal Care, Bella Vista CA

  • Dr. Matt Kinser, DVM

  • The Equine Center of Edna Valley Vet Clinic, San Luis Obispo, CA


Board and Care

The following people opened their homes and hearts and barns to us, giving us a place to stay while we were on the road:


  • Pam Williams, Millville, CA

  • Carol Pauli, Truckee, CA

  • Carol Johnson, Pine Bar Ranch, Ellensburg, WA

  • Leanne Johnston, Future Road Farm, Bend, OR

  • Debbie Hansen-Bemard, Little Creek Ranch, Ashland OR

  • Kathy and Tony Bishop, Seiad Valley, CA

  • The Wilson-Briggs Family, Palo Cedro, CA

  • Beth and Russell Gordon, Inyokern, CA

  • Cherie Marshall, Crescent Moon Ranch and Stables, Antelope Valley, CA

  • Hikertown, Lancaster, CA

  • The Andersons, Green Valley, CA

  • Donna Saufley, Agua Dulce, CA

  • Wendy Melline, Proven Spots Ranch, Pinon Hills, CA

  • Jana Taylor, Shay Meadows Ranch, Big Bear, CA

  • Ziggy and the Bear, Whitewater, CA

  • Dawn Pierce, Paradise Valley Ranch, Warner Springs, CA


Above and Beyond

These individuals selflessly offered their time, their knowledge, their energy and their moral support along the way: 


  • Carol Pauli

  • Rani and Bob Merz

  • Bill Roberts

  • Paul Larson 

  • Karen Johnson

  • McKinley Dixon

  • Judy and Mel Hein

  • Gordon Larson

  • Richey Smith

  • Chris and Jim Michaelis

  • Kim and Larry Westrick

  • Outfitters Pack Station

  • Pacific Crest Trail Association

  • Gerard Kirsch

  • Mayumi Elegado

  • John Reyn