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  • Gillian Larson

The Cow that Crashed the Party

This was a day with a lot of flat dirt road walking, which is not my favorite. The wide open views are amazing to start but then it's that exact same view for hours so the sense of majesty wears off quickly.

In the early afternoon, the thunder clouds rolled in and we got rain on and off for several hours. Luckily the rain stopped just 30 mins before we got to out camp at Eddiesville Trailhead. There were two horse corral hidden up on a hill side just out of view. Thankfully there was a sign with an arrow pointing in the direction of the corrals. No horses had clearly been in them this year as the grass was knee high inside the corrals but was thoroughly grazed down by cattle outside of the corrals.

We even had two heifers and their calves crash our campsite while I was setting up. They were very curious of Shyla and Takoda. One cow kept trying to investigate the panniers since she could smell the horses' feed in there. I had to leave the panniers right outside my tent so that I could shoo her off whenever I could hear her creeping around in camp.

Despite the visitors though, it was a fantastic spot and the horses loved all the grazing and comfy bedding that the long grass provided.