Sonora again

On Sunday I rode into Sonora Pass for the second time, this time coming north out of Yosemite. I still think that Sonora is the most breathtakingly impressive of the passes that I've seen so far. We had to go more slowly than I had expected through Yosemite, due to the rocky ground, which was basically just a series of granite steps and cobblestones, and sometimes nothing much like a trail at all, just a barely discernable track over naked rock. One of Takoda's shoes was coming loose, the first time I've had problem with that, but thankfully I had an emergency boot with me that I could put on before he lost it (though I'll have to try to get the horseshoer in Ashland, Rock Ernhart, to tack it back on if I can as we head back into Oregon after this). As soon as I got into Sonora, I loaded up the horses and got set to drive north to Redding, as I have an appointment on Monday at a vet in Redding for the health certificates and Coggins tests that we need to cross back into Oregon.


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