Riding on clouds

Wow, what an amazing and beautiful day we had today! I feel so lucky to have experienced this.

The day did not start all that promising, with a storm looming over us all morning as we rode out of White Pass and through Goat Rocks towards the Knife's Edge section. At first the clouds were high above us, but as we climbed, they seemed to sink down lower, until we were essentially riding surrounded in fog.

By the time we got to Knife's Edge, I had very little visibility, and I wondered if that was going to make it too unsafe, if I couldn't see where we were going.

But then, as if on cue, the clouds suddenly shifted again, this time sinking below us, and now we were in brilliant sunshine, with the clouds lapping like foamy waves at the sides of the mountain ridges.

We had amazing views all around us, even as far as Mt. Rainier, which was also above the clouds. There were two snow patches that we had to cross, but they were small and easy to navigate.

It truly felt like we were riding on top of the world.

And then we finished the day with a great view of the sunset turning Mt. Adams into gold.


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