Gillian's Wish List 


As I prepare to attempt another thru-ride in 2016, I'm fortunate to have most of the essentials that will see me through the journey ahead.  Thanks to some help from family and friends (and lots of working and saving on my part as well), I have a new, lighter saddle and some larger saddle bags, which will allow me do more of the trail with just one horse, instead of needing a second pack animal.  I also bought a larger trailer and have outfitted it with portable corrals, so we can more easily camp at trailheads that might not have facilities for horses.  Of course, I also have lots of things left over from the first trip which I can reuse, and a few items that I've upgraded or replaced, such as riding gear for me.  But along the way I'm still going to require a lot of supplies to see us all the way from Mexico to Canada, so I'll be especially grateful for any assistance with THE TWO BIG THINGS that will make sure we get there:


FOOD FOR THE HORSES!  I especially rely on Haystack Naturals Special Blend Pellets and Purina Hydration Hay blocks.  The Haystack Naturals pellets are not readily available in California, so I'm trying to acquire a good supply that will see me through California until I can get more in Oregon and Washington.


GAS FOR THE TRUCKS!  At least fuel is cheaper this time around, but I'll be taking two rigs on the road and "leap-frogging" between them from point to point, in order to be more self-reliant (and not beg for people to help move my truck and trailer for me while I'm riding to the next road crossing).  So essentially I'll be driving two vehicles north, which still requires a lot of gas, not to mention tires--there's 18 of them all together--and probably some maintenance along the way.